Monday, December 8, 2014

Welcome to the Aquarium Finatics Blog!

Discus cichlids in a home aquarium
If you are “finatic” about aquariums, then you have found the right blog! The Aquarium Finatics blog is the place to find out about everything that is happening in the aquarium fish hobby. Subscribe to our blog to get information on public aquarium promotions, new features and exhibits, or find out about new baby animals being welcomed into an aquarium close to you.

You can also read our reviews on aquarium supplies, tips on keeping various aquatic animals and fun reviews on shows we watched or aquariums that we visited.

We have aquarium fish “finatics” in our families going back several generations. If there is anything that relates to public or home aquariums, you will be able to read about it on our blog!

Now just sit back, relax and enjoy this video from the Georgia Aquarium.


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