Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Surprising Benefits of Aquariums in the Office

Pets, such as dog and cats, offer great companionship and pet owners are happier. However, these types of pets can be a big responsibility. You can achieve a similar result with fish without the added stress of cleaning up after them. Experts report that health benefits of aquariums promote wellness such as lowering high blood pressure, and reducing stress and anxieties.

Fish in the Workplace

Going to a public aquarium is a great family pastime, but bringing fish into the workplace may help extend your life. Too much stress can cause the body to break down and possibly cause death. Research has shown that having aquariums in a work environment reduces stress and promotes emotional well being.

Alzheimer's and Fish Watching

Watching aquarium fish just might be what the doctor ordered. It's reported that patients with Alzheimer's have a healthier appetite. Additionally, research shows there is a tendency to display less aggression when an aquarium is in the room. There seems to be benefits with aquariums with no fish also but, when fish are present the benefits seem to increase.

Experts at Purdue University conducted a study on aquariums and Alzheimer patients. Their finding leads them to believe that the colors and the movement of the fish may have a calming effect and help with mood swings as well. In addition, it's believed that having an aquarium encourages the return of nurturing feelings to the residents of nursing homes because caring for the fish gives meaning and purpose.

Aquarium Therapy

Another of the benefits of aquariums is the calming effect that people experience when watching fish. Seen more so in dentist and pediatrician offices, patients appeared calmer while they waited to be seen. Watching the fish or just the seaweed and lights is believed to reduce fear and anger associated with health concerns. For this reason, there appears to be a rise in the number of aquariums placed in these types of work and health environments.

Size Doesn't Matter

Although larger fish tanks offer a larger viewpoint, a medium aquarium yields the same health benefits.

Fish at Home versus at Work

It's estimated that more people own fish than any other type of pet. Although keeping fish is low maintenance compared to having to clean up behind a dog or cat, it does require the right equipment and a little know how. At work or home, the environment for your fish need to be waste-free and kept at the right chemical balance. Certain fish require particular lighting and temperature. Knowing how to maintain the proper living environment is critical to the fish's survival.

In addition to aquariums in the office providing an awesome way to improve patients and employees' mood, watching fish swim about in their serene environment adds to the office decor. Businesses are aware that appearance is everything and how the office looks can send a positive message about the business. Having an aquarium has so much to offer and requires minimal upkeep. The cost to feed and maintain the fish is small in comparison to what is gained.